Dawning of a New Year


Posted by Bridget | Posted in Bee Happy | Posted on February 29, 2012

For those of you who have frequented my blog in the past, you will notice that all historical posts before this date have been removed. Well, not removed, but moved. That was another life and I am starting anew.

I no longer live at that property and I wish all my plant-children well in their propagation and flourishing without me. May their blossom and fruit bring joy to others who may encounter them, as they did for me.

As this new dawn of my life begins and spring of 2012 draws near, I am counting down the days until I can plant my cold-weather spinach and lettuce. I absolutely can’t wait!

I most miss my berries – my strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes. I’ll be hitting the farmer’s market more than ever this year. But the wonderful thing about perennials is that I can plant the plants, shrubs, and vines again and they will flourish along with me as the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to years.

I know in another few months I’ll also be missing my lilacs. The whites, lavenders, and purples of that seasonal spring fragrance. And there’s the bright happy tulips and daffodils, the bleeding hearts… ah yes, the daydreams of my future spring gardens surround me as I hear the first birds singing and wait for the bumbling bees once again.